Weapon Suppliers

The Future of Martial Arts, Now.

My Favorite Vendors

No style is complete without a formidable weapon to wield. Here are a few weapon makers that I’ve had a great experience with, both through the purchasing process and with the fantastic gear that they produce.

Karate Mart

My all-time favorite and the team that supplies most of my gear is KarateMart. The iconic Tiger Ratan Staff that I use in all my training and videos are from them. I also have and love their retractable metal bo staff, 3-piece sectional staff, and there all new High Impact LED staff. 

Huge selection of weapons, training gear, outfits & costumes, and original gear that you can’t find anywhere else. Currently shipping to United States, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland.

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I only recently started to interact with Kombativ, but have been very pleased with them. The 2-Piece Expandable Bo Staff is a marvel to weild and the most portable metal staff I’ve seen to date. 

Growing selection of Staffs, Nunchakus, and ninja gear. Currently shipping to anywhere in the United States.

{2-Piece Expandable Staff}
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Ultra Sabers

Ever wanted to be a Sith lord or Jedi warrior? Before you start your quest for either you are going to need a lightsaber. Having a real-life replica of the iconic weapon is one of the coolest things you can do. I got one with sound a few years ago and have been marveling every one since. When it powers up, you have the crowds attention! Enough about awesomely cool lightsabers, Ultra Sabers have been my go-to since my first. They have awesome gear and has a large selection of parts. If you try crazy moves which results in drops, you will eventually need to replace a button or two, or 5 if you are me lol, either way getting parts are a breezewith Ultrasabers. 

Huge Selection of quality built lightsabers, including stunt sabers, light changing and sound making awesomeness. Ships internationally, check their site for details.

{Light Saber}
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Lethal Art Workshop

If you can think it, they can build it. My Legendary Paradoxal Blade was the first dream item I could think of, and when I opened the box from Lethal Art and touched this weapon, I felt the power of a time lord surge through me. While their builds may not give you super powers, you sure will feel like it! 

High-quality custom wood weapons, and a great selection of gear.

{Paraxal Blade}
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Green Forge Smithing

Want the ultimate weapon to go with your CosPlay? Green Forge makes your cosplay dreams come true with their epic creations that are also environmentally friendly and save to take into a convention center! My Xen-Blade forged from the “scales of the mythical dragon” has gotten me countless compliments. 

Custom designed and build to order cosplay weapons/props made from recycled materials.

{Xen Blade}
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