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Using Slo-Mo

Take your videos from awesome to EPIC! Learn how to add dramatic effects or highlight certain aspects of your videos using slow motion effects.

Growing Your Following

Here are a few tips on how connect with your audience and grow your following on instagram. 

Your audience want to see your content, this will help you to put it in front of them more. 

Be Consistent

Stay relevant in the minds of your followers and drive engagement with consistently posting. It’s recommended that you spend your slowest day creating content to post. You can then either schedule your post or have them queued up to be posted. Every time you post something new, you will captivate new followers and re-engage current ones.

First impressions. (video post)

Select your cover photo very carefully as it is one of the first things people see when going through their feed, or exploring hashtags. If your Cover picture for your post isn’t eye-catching, chances are you will miss a large number of potential engagement. Once the viewer starts to watch, action and movement are what drives them to continue to watch. Be sure to have something exciting or suspense building to get that viewer beyond the first 3-5 Seconds.

Story Arch

Every picture or video posted tells a story. It takes the viewer on a journey. If it’s a video that’s longer than 5-8 seconds, be sure to include lots direction shifting shots, cool moves, or pace changing effects to keep the viewer engaged through the entire post, and be sure to end with as big of a bang as you started.

Engage the engager.

People like and follow people they feel connected to. If you want to grow in a specific field, then get in there and engage with the people. This means exploring similar content and sharing feedback/thoughts on them. Following like-minded people and engaging with their content.

Timing is everything!

Try to have an awareness of when your followers are active and post content within that timeframe. Initial engagement on your post allows that post to rise to the top of that hashtag list which means more viewers and more engagement. Be sure to post at a time that your followers are active to give your post the best chance at having initial engagement.

Diversify your post. 

Not to be mistaken with diversfy your page, as you want to have some consistency of what your page represents and the content your followers can expect. Diversify the type of things you post means to keep it fresh and fun. Don’t continue to post different videos of the same thing, Continue to push forward, learn, evolve and give your followers a front row seat to that growth!


More Coming Soon!

A lot more content is on the way! 

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