Take your cosplay presentation to the next level!

Film a highlight video, an epic scene, or bring a short film to life!

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Take your cosplay to the next level with added effects and sound design to showcase their abilities in it’s most glorious form!



  • 10-30 Seconds Video
  • Added Visual and audio effects
  • Bring your cosplay to life!
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Send in a short scene to be ampted up with visual effets!



  • 10-30 Seconds Video
  • Added Visual, audio effects and scene customization.
  • Take your cosplay vid to the next level with special effects and interactive environment with 3D elements.
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Blow the minds of your audience with even more special effects. It not only powers up your cosplay, but enhances the background and add 3D realism to the scene.

Cosplay Short Film

$Project Based

  • 5-30 Minute Video
  • Writer and Director provided
  • Shot planning and scene staging
  • Visual and Audio effects
  • Green-screen and Lighting
  • High Quality Audio and Voice Over
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Bring your epic vision to the sreen. Share your origin story or showcase your character in all their glory!

Prices do not include cost for travel. Additional fees may be added for locations outside a 25 mile radias from office  located in Alexandria VA.

Katsucon 2019 – Cosplay Highlights

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Please send us a note with your film idea, location, and when you want to shoot, we’ll be in touch to confirm!